I reluctantly spent the $160 full price for 3 months. Id never online dated before and I certainly will never use eHarmony again. I barely looked at anything but went on one date with a guy that sent me a message. My subscription was supposed to run out sometime in April. By mid-April, I wasnt getting personal messages or anything anymore so Id assumed it had. My roommate who signed up at the same time told me mid-May that she got recharged by eHarmony.

So I went to check. They charged me another $135 without my knowledge! I was no mad. I never clicked any button that allowed my card to be recharged. I called to get my money back and they would only give 50% back. I asked where I gave permission for them to charge my card and apparently, it is in the fine print. It is so shady. Im very, very unhappy. What a waste of money and a shady business practice! EHarmony, I probably would have tried again in the future but never again now!

I signed up for eHarmony and chose the 6-month option as it appeared to be the best deal. I remember being very frustrated that I could not actually choose to pay that on a monthly basis, but was hit with a huge $200+ charge all at once. I was very dissatisfied with the service. I was consistently matched with men who were more than 15 or 20 years older than me. I made a point of figuring out how to cancel my membership, at least 3 months prior to renewal time, to ensure that my subscription would not auto-renew. The site did not make it easy to figure out how to do this, but I persevered and thought I had succeeded. I have not even logged into the site in months, but got hit with a huge shock when I received my credit card bill and found a renewal charge for eHarmony for $209!

I was so angry I telephoned the company right away, but they refused to issue a refund. They told me that unfortunately, my attempt to cancel the auto-renewal did not go through. This is apparently such a common problem on their site, that they apparently have instructions prompting you to double-check that the cancellation went through! Regardless of the fact that their site clearly has issues, and that I clearly did not want this service, they still refused to refund me. I have issued a formal complaint with the BBB, the FCAC and will dispute this charge directly with my credit card company. Too many people let them get away with this, or wrongly believe that it was their fault that they let their account auto-renew. It is a scam. Fight it!

Before spending money, I contacted eHarmony and they assured me there were many people on their database in my area. They have my money, will not let me out of the contract, and the only contacts are all over the country - no one within a reasonable distance. Yes, I want a serious relationship, but not someone who lives thousands of miles away or in another country. They are a scam. I have at least had dates from other sites, and the one person I have talked to on their site does not even show up as a match. Maybe they use 29 measures of compatibility which means I am not compatible with anyone who lives within driving distance. They will not budge. They have my money and are laughing all the way to the bank.

I looked at eHarmonys website, filled out some information, received countless matches, and decided to pay one month membership. My request for men in the 120-mile range was totally ignored, as I received matches from all over the USA and Canada, then nothing at all after one week. This just goes to show you that the website lies and does not listen to the subscriber. All they want is the money.

When I asked for not even a full refund, but a partial refund for only using the site for 5 weeks, they said, "Oh no, we dont give refunds. You are outside of the cancellation timeline." I checked with my bank and was unable to stop payment because it was done through PayPal. I told eHarmony that I was going to take them to small claims court and, win or lose, they would need to send a representative there to win their case - that would cost them more than the refund I was asking for. I guess they dont think I will do it, but I will - just for the principle of it! I am sick of these companies getting away with not giving the services that they promise. eHarmony is a scam operation! Run, dont walk, as far from them as you can!

They promise the love of your life which it was a real scam! It took me forever to find one and the match never works. Thats why I decided to quit the site for good! All the advertisement on TV was just to make money. Really not worth it! Dont spend a dime on it!

EHarmonys commercials make them seem like a service for meeting new people and finding love. My experience was more like sending messages into a black hole. I get barely any matches, and half of them dont even have any photos. I consistently get more responses and more dates on free sites like OkCupid and POF. EHarmony is a waste of time and money.

eHarmony is a fake and dishonest website. They offer something they cannot deliver.